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  1. Try to do something like this: mkdir -p -m 700 /root/logs rm /overlay/etc/turtle/Responder/logs ln -s /root/logs /overlay/etc/turtle/Responder/logs I am still unable to receive any hash with a locked Win 10..I run "python Responder.py -I br-lan -f -d", is that correct?
  2. ok let's see if other users are experiencing the same issue..You edited network/interfaces right?
  3. this is a problem because if you reboot you will lost it right? This is what i have done so far: Installed responder module, enabled and started modified rc.local with this lines: /etc/init.d/dnsmasq stop /usr/sbin/screen -dmS responder bash -c 'cd /overlay/etc/turtle/Responder; python Responder.py -I br-lan -f -w -r -d -F' #Add your commands above this line exit 0 Am i missing something? I receive hashes only if i connect to HTTP websites or non existent shares.. But i am not receiving hashes while i have screen locked (i have multiple ac
  4. I do agree, moreover i don't understand if i have to change the DHCP options or not to include the proxy WPAD on the Lan Turtle..
  5. Hi guys i am trying to configure the responder module on my lan turtle but i am not receiving any hashes even if i connect fo a non existent SMB share from target machine. I can see from responder output that it was poisoned but i am not receiving anything back..Do you guys happen to have some ideas on why this is happening?
  6. Hello everybody, i have just bought this amazing piece of hardware and i would like to know if problems i am experiencing are "normal" or there's something wrong with it or my set up. The first i plugged in the Lan Turtle to my Mac it didn't assign an IP via DHCP. So i have tried to connect to it using the self assigned 169.254.x.x IP as i saw there were SSH and DNS services enabled. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to log in as the default credentials didn't work forcing me to explore the unblocking procedure for a factory reset. After the reset i was able to connect to it but most
  7. As the title , finally with the new awesome 1.4.0 upgrade i get client mode working properly but..It won't work via web interface but only issue manual commands trhough ssh. To make client mode works i've issue: killall -2 wpa_supplicant; wpa_supplicant -B -iwlan1 -Dnl80211 -c connect; killall -2 udhcpc; udhcpc -t 0 -i wlan1 -b Any clues on why this happens? Or a quick way to modify script called via web interface to make it work? Thank you in advance! PS: my wpa_supplicant connect config file is network={ ssid="ESSID" psk="ESSID_PASSWORD" }
  8. Hi everybody i'm experiencing a strange/weird issue on my mark V: mac address of interface radio1 randomlu change at every boot and i've never installed macchanger, connected devices trhough USB etc etc. I've tried to flash, re-flash trhough web interface but with no success, so i would like to completely erase and re-flash the pineapple in a harder way respect the "official" flashing how to's cause i've already tried everything possibile.. So the question to developers is: how can i flash through serial? :) i'm asking this cause for me , a non-US citizen, it's very difficult to ask for a repl
  9. +1 for Euro too! For the rubber ducky i didn't pay any VAT (strangely) but for the MKV were 25 E of VAT..The problem is also regarding the warranty, it's very difficult to a non-US citizen to receive a replacement..So i hope in a soon European distributor too
  10. I've found something new about this problem that for me it's getting weirder and mysterious..I've flashed several times but it persists so maybe i'm considering something hardware related issue but i'm not sure of this assumption..However what i've noted is that if i do a wifi detect /etc/config/wireless i'll get a working config and everything it's fine, but if i copy the wireless config, rename in wireless.bak and then overwrite with the bad config (and to commit the changes use wifi command) radio1 is still not working..Why? Because on every boot i discovered my pineapple is generating rand
  11. Thank you so much for your feedback.. I did a stager upload, put in the sd latest firmware + md5, MK5 flashed evreything and everything was fine.. But if i go to advanced tab, click reboot, and then open /etc/config/wireless at the next reboot i can see the radio2 section.. :( At this point or it's firmware related (but i think it's no feasibile cause other people are not experiencing my problem i suppose) or ther's something faulty in my unit i don't know..
  12. Ok thanks a lot, i did first a factory reset and followed your diagram..At the second point a get a clean /etc/config/wireless with four entries: config wifi-device radio0 option type mac80211 option channel 11 option hwmode 11ng option macaddr 00:13:37:a5:11:70 option htmode HT20 list ht_capab SHORT-GI-20 list ht_capab SHORT-GI-40 list ht_capab RX-STBC1 list ht_capab DSSS_CCK-40 # REMOVE THIS LINE TO ENABLE WIFI: # option disabled 1 config wifi-iface option device radio0
  13. Thanks a lot for the hint, i've done a few tests and i discovered that the problem is more general than i thought.. Infact i've noted that every time i reboot my /etc/config/wireless changes and the last part will increase so after the second reboot i get config wifi-iface option device radio3 option network lan option mode ap option ssid Pineapple5_C830 option encryption none I've tried with dip switches but it's useless because if i reboot i'll have radio(+1) and that will mess things up..:( If i reboot another time i'll get radio 3 an
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