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  1. I think it might be the case here too. The second the metal insert on the nano touches the metal on the juice it just dies. Even using the usb meter it reacts the same way. Touch the metal and it instantly dies.
  2. Hi all, I've been struggling on and off with this one for some time now. I cannot get the Juice to power my nano at all. The battery has a full charge and I've tried a couple of different usb cables but with no luck. The battery works fine when I use it with my phone, or my turtle. The nano also works when plugged into the phone. Any ideas as to where to look next?
  3. I decided to try and challenge my lacking python skill and attempt to port over the responder.py tool. Got a copy from git and uploaded it to my turtle, at first run it complained about no sqlite3 python module. After more digging I opted to update via opkg and install the python sqlite3 module. So far so good right? Responder launches now with a couple of errors and zero captures. The errors are as follows. [!] Error starting SSL server on port 443, check permissions or other servers running. [+] Listening for events... [!] Error starting TCP server on port 53, check permissions or other servers running. Now shutting down dnsmasq clears out the 53 error but I can't seem to chase down the 443 issue. A quick lsof doesn't return anything bound to 443 so I'm thinking there is a permissions issue somewhere as it could also be the cause of the lack of any captures. Running responder in verbose mode doesn't get me any more information than what's above. As I said I lack python as a skill set, I am more of a perl man, so the issue might be python related. I'm at a loss though of where to look next. Does any have any hints or ideas of where I look next? Thanks!
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