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Windows MENU USB Rubber Ducky Help!

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I've just received my USB Rubber Ducky, and its great. But when using it with my Windows 7 Enterprise PC the MENU or APP commands do not work. Im trying to run CMD as administrator but can't find a way to get the menu up. I've also tried another key combination they i found that should run it as administrator which would be really handy, CONTROL + SHIFT + ENTER but that doesn't work either. Is this a fault with my USB Ducky. my PC or am i doing something wrong? Would really appreciate some help.



I've found that key combinations such as CONTROL ATL DELETE, CONTROL SHIFT ESCAPE etc also don't work but CONTROL c and CONTROL v do. I am also using RDC to access my windows PC if that helps

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Sometimes the GUI key can be flaky, theres another post concerning it in the forum, you'd have to search for it.

Strange, "CTRL-ALT DEL" and "CTRL-SHIFT ESCAPE" should work? have you got the "-" imbetween CTRL & ALT ???

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