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Third wifi antenna legal ramifications


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I am not familiar with the FCCs rules and regulations regarding 2.4 Ghz wifi, if you connect a radio via the usb interface does it count as a separate radio or is it on the same board as another radio because of usb placement on the board. I don't really know what I'm saying :grin: so if you can't follow me; I want to have 2 point to point connections using both of the build in antennas and then a point to multipoint connection via a different radio (likely an alfa) connected to the usb interface, is this legal.

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I'm sure it is legal - due to the hardware bug the solution is to use another USB WIFi interface anyway.

Out of interest, what are you trying to do? Perhaps XBEE would be a better route?

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From the way I've interpreted the rules the regulations governing point-to-point vs point-to-multipoint are on a radio basis. Seeing that the MK5 is the only dual-radio WiFi system on the market I can't see how legally it would be any different than two separate systems attached. For example two MK4s connected by Ethernet. I have successfully made long distance repeater links with MK5s using wlan0 as AP and wlan1 as client. I can't imagine adding a third interface would be any different.

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