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Running Mk5 software on other routers


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I am experimenting with mesh networking and wifi triangulation but I only own one Pineapple. Most people would tell me to either buy more pineapples which isn't an option for someone without an income, or run openWRT on some other router I own (which I plan to do) but I want to use the pineapple's software so I can easily transfer both knowledge and software, so I guess my question would be, can I run the Pineapples tweaked version of openWRT on a WRT54gl or similar routers?

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HAK5 do not really want to release the source code changes (if any) to OpenWRT - despite the legal obligation under GPL to do so.

The interface stuff could be licensed under something non-free - I'm not 100% sure. So, you might not be able to run that on other routers - it depends on whether this is under the same license as the main O/S. Infusions are probably a grey area,

You should be able to run the tweaked OpenWRT versions on compatible routers after any modified sources are released. My bet is that there are only a few fairly trivial tweaks to stock OpenWRT.

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The pineapple software should run on similar openwrt hardware though it may take some tweeking to get it going. No guarantees but you should be able to copy over /pineapple to a 54gl with ease. Support for third party hardware is outside the official scope of this really small team. Still, would love to hear more about your wifi triangulation project. Cheers!

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