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Odd Signal

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So, since I've gotten into SDR I've been checking out various frequencies, this is one that I found while at the park earlier today and can't for the life of me figure out what it is. When I was capturing it, it almost looked like APT but it gives off no audible tone/noise. Here are the specs:

Frequency: ~480.02MHz

Bandwidth: ~120KHz (If I remember correctly)

Here is a screenshot of the waterfall from GNURadio without any filters applied:


Obviously you can see the main band there in the center, and there are a few more off to each side (cut off by the waterfall's field of view). My best guess is maybe some sort of telemetry data on the side bands, but I'm not sure.

I don't know what was transmitting this signal but I was fairly close, it was either the little "welcome center" we have here in town or it could have been the arms that come down over the train tracks when an oncoming train is detected as these were replaced a few months ago and are wireless as well.

Anyone have any ideas on what it could be?

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haha! Thanks Cooper you're awesome! I remember now that the city put up a webcam at the welcome center to watch the intersection across the road from it, I bet that's probably what it is. Thanks again man!

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Or perhaps you are so narrow you can see the 7th VSB of channel 15 WMPI in Pensacola Florida (NBC) just south of you about 45 miles away. They are licensed to radiate with 1000 kW ERP (1 megawatt) from the gulf coast from a 560 meter tower. If you point your antenna due south they should easily propagate into your neck of the woods. Try opening the span in the SDR up to see if you can get a picture of the "Bart's head". - KD6W

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