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Mk5 as RTL-TCP server?


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I was wondering if it is possible to configure the pineapple to work as a server for an attached rtl SDR stick to stream I/Q data over one of the pineapple's wifi interfaces. Kind of like the ADS-B tracker, but on the basis of rtl_tcp utility.

Any ideas or tips would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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Hi Darren,

Rtl-tcp just allows you to just stream the radio data you are interested in to a remote location.

Examples are such as picking up AIS from a beach, adsb from mount diablo or the signal from the radio mics in the Hak5 office. Then listen to the live streams from home. You deploy the pineapple with the sdr to get the best reception, then pick up the stream from the IP of the pineapple and do the decoding. I think I saw a tcp option on the AIS program Shannon was using, and sdr sharp supports rtl tcp. Ads-b can be done, but requires decoding (sample rate will need increasing too). Decoding can be done via dump1090 on the decoding pc.


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hello im trying to stream anything like FM station etc using netcat but im running into troubles... can you give an example on how to

use your program to stream and most importat how to decode and listen over the network.. lets say with aplay or vlc?

so far im trying:

rtl_tcp -a -p 8888 -d 0 -g 0 -f 92.9e6 -s 48

and remotely I should be able to do:

nc 8888
and I see data comming in..
but I need to be able to decode it.


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Thanks! im a GNU/Linux user so gnuradio may work.. even do I have never used it. I did use aplay... example:

when I put the rtl usb dongle straight to my linux box then all works.. is only when I do it using the pineapple that will not modulate etc..

hopefully someone that already did this will read my post and give some tips. in the mean time im trying with all options I can think off.

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