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USB Extension for my ADS-B Receiver


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I'm in the process of setting up an ADS-B receiver, similar to the setup Hak5 have used on the show. My house is on the top of a tall hill and overlooks quite a bit of our city so it is a great spot.

I was going to make an antenna and then mount the USB receiver to it and use a USB extension to run it back to my PC (Putting antenna on my roof). I noticed you can get ACTIVE extensions as well a USB - Cat5e/6 extender.

I would like to use a Cat5 one as I have plenty of this cable around. (Probably 30 meters should cut it). I would also like one that I don't have to power at the other end for obvious reasons.

I have found a inexpensive USB1.1 - Cat6 converter that says it supports up to 50m. This looks good HOWEVER is USB1.1 fast enough for the DVB-T Stick I will be using? I would think it should be fast enough as it's only transferring small amounts of actual data but I wasn't sure if the stick would have an issue with this.

Any help would be appreciated!

SHORT VERSION - Will my DVB-T USB Tuner I am using for ADS-B (Yes it's the right chipset etc.) be fine over a USB1.1 extension?

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