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April fools?


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I've yet to see a single April Fools joke this year that is even mildly funny. Did you fare any better?

Only ones I managed to notice:

- On Slashdot all articles are provided by "Unnamed lamer". If that's what qualifies as a joke these days....

- Dutch tech website Tweakers.net decided to try their hand at being Indie retro game publisher, with a small platform game in 320x200. Part of the problem here was that the game was actually made and worked as advertised as opposed to something that would play a prank with the screen or whatever.

That's all of them. Sad bunch, eh?

Did you see anything?

Edit: Took a look a thinkgeek as they have a bit of a reputation. They were at least chuckle-worthy:

- Rosetta Stone language learning software to teach you Klingon. Watch the vid too. The cool thing about this one is that it's funny but not quite beyond the realm of possibility.

- The Nerf Nuke, a ball that once triggered will fire 80 darts in all directions.

- A beard machine with disposable cups for each of the various styles. This one's strechting things a bit.

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ALERT: We have detected unusual activity with login IPs to your acccount. Your posting privileges have been suspended until we can verify that your account is not stolen. To have the suspension removed please go to this page: http://hackforums.net/accountrecovery.php. Please be patient as account recovery can take up to 48 hours.

I have no clue if ive been hacked or if this is for april fools :/ xD

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I got the ol' "Account Suspended" window just a bit ago. Kind of scared me because it's the 2nd and not the 1st and I don't post anything crazy here to get suspended for. Glad I'm back in.

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