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I wish you had told me that I had to pay UPS when they got to my house!
an extra £43 ($72)

well my Mark V Tactical Bundle and lan tap are sitting in some warehouse somewhere... I so nearly had them.

if I'd know I would have saved that much to pay it! >.<

how long do you think they will wait before they just ship it back?

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Almost all packages from US are non taxed.

You should do more research and reading next time.

If you would have read http://hakshop.mysho...s/shipping-info You would have know that.

Customs and Import Duties
  • Your order may be subject to VAT, import duties and/or taxes, which are levied once your package reaches your country.
  • Hak5 ships your package DDU, “duties and taxes unpaid”, and does not collect the VAT, duties and/or taxes and cannot predict what your particular charges may be. If you do incur these additional charges, they must be rendered in order for your package to clear customs.
  • For more information regarding your country’s custom policies, please contact your local customs office.
  • If your international order has not been received within 31 business days, please consult your local customs office and contact us.
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cheers, yea your right I should have read the small print... it's still a joke!

United Kingdom 1x Throwing Star LAN Tap Pro - LAN Tap Pro for $39.99 each
1x WiFi Pineapple Mark V Tactical Bundle - WiFi Pineapple Mark V Tactical Bundle for $199.99 each

Subtotal : $239.98 USD
Shipping : $48.00 USD
Total : $287.98 USD

already paid $50 on shipping and now they want $70 more! :/

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You dont pay $70 more on shipping its 70$ more on IMPORT TAX. LOL, be glade that the already do the paperwork for you. Otherwise you would need to go to costums. with proof of purchase , content and payment. Then the costums take a few weeks to check it all and then you would need to pay costums directly ( insted of ups ). And wait a few more days for delivery....

The service that UPS provides this way makes the delivery time way shorter. And i think the import declaration is all calculated in the transport cost. Only the tax/import tax are not.

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International exchange rates and import taxes happen in all countries. Look at what HFC has to go through to get free gear donated to them. They still have to pay money for stuff given to them for free, just to get it through customs, a sad reality for people doing work with little to no budget and for the good of others.

Same thing when I bought gifts for my wife from out of the States, website price was one thing, but when it was all said and done cost me more than it would have if I lived in the local country since all countries have import/customs charges.

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Yeah, it is a kick, but it's part of buying from abroad.

Try to use the local postage service rather than UPS, when possible. These will come via Royal Mail, who are a bit less pedantic on these things. I believe UPS add a fee when they have to collect the duty, so you were probably asked to pay that as part of the fee too.

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