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I had one heck of a good laugh this weekend. The company I work for provides data hosting and web hosting for the company eccouncil.org. They are the same company that issues the "Certified Ethical Hacker" certificate. For years I've thought that this certification was not really necessary. Now, as I'm older and have more experience...I see this as a joke.
Not only that, but they plagiarize A LOT of their work. Not to mention some hilarious broken english on their site. (Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to get a good screen shot)
Well their site was hacked and defaced. and this was put up in it's place:

Here's some reading material about this joke of a "school"

Do yourself a favor, don't fall for this crappy certification or it's "cool" and "edgy" name. If anything study the material they offer, but don't bother spending the cash on the cert, it's really not recognized as useful.
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It's funny I went for a job interview and this cert came up and I had mentioned that I looked into it. I was told not to waste my money on it, that I would be very disappointed. I went on to mention how it would just be for a piece of paper stating that I knew what I was talking about. After seeing this and my interview, I have no intention of getting the cert and wasting money.

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Well friend CEH Certifications are well reputed in the IT Security field. If you are looking to gain this certification, you'll have to appear for an exam on the same conducted by EC Council. You need to prepare yourself thoroughly to qualify this exam. If you need additional info on the Ethical Hacking courses from EC Council, feel free to visit the following link: http://www.bookmybootcamp.com/ec-council.aspx

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Astroturfing here? Really?

The information is out there and links to it are provided in this very topic. If anybody were to make the mistake to go on one of your courses (well, since a lot of content is apparently plagiarised it really isn't so much your courses, but I disgress) I doubt it will be because of this invitational comment you posted here....

I wonder if a mod should deactivate the link you provided....

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