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WinSCP Login Problems


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My pineapples firmware was updated with the SIM card before running the setup.

My pineapple is currently connected to my MAC OSX(10.9.1) w/ wired LAN connection. *Could the problem be that I need to hook my pineapple to a HUB then connect to my MAC OSX?*

Here is my setup for my Ethernet on my MAC OSX:


Here a screenshot of the Pineapple's device admin settings:


I can connect other devices to my pineapple's WIFI SSID no problem.

Also, these solid lights are showing on the pineapple device: Green/Amber/Blue/Red

I hope this helps!

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Currently I have my Pineapple WIFI hooked up to Windows. I successfully logged in using WinSCP and uploading some files on the Pineapple WIFI. The problem now is that on the admin splash page for


When I try and see what scripts are available for download in the "Pineapple Bar" tab:

Error connecting. Please check your internet connection!

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