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Diving in head first


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Hey everybody, me and my friend have both order MK5s so that we can learn about linux and programing. I'm a competent windows user, and have little experience when it comes to programing, and I have even less exerience when it comes to programing for linux.

My end goal for this whole project it to use the MK5 to connect to a phone and copy it's contacts and pictures to an sd card or my phone.

My question is, where do i start? I've never done anything with linux, are there tutorials? (inb4 ewwww windows user)

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You want to do that phone thing with just a pineapple? You might want to look into using the pineapple as a vector for providing the connection and then use Metasploit via Kali Linux or Backtrack 5.

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well it all depends on what you want. Do you want it to be able to get any phone and copy contacts and pictures?

I know you could do it to a jailbroken iphone easily but as far as doing it to any device i think your diving in too deep. start with cracking a few wifi passwords, and some scripts to automate that process. get to know how linux machines are networked etc.

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