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Infusions "Disappearing" After Power Down


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I apologize if this has been covered somewhere before, I'm not seeing it if it has. My Mark V (up to date) certainly doesn't seem nearly as stable as the IV. Lots of weird little things, but this one is becoming a pain. I fire up the Mark V, and pretty much all infusions are "gone" from main screen. I go to pineapple bar, and all of my missing infusions say "update this infusion"- not "install this infusion". So I go through the motions of updating, and they come back. Until next power cycle where it starts over again. The condition seems to have spontaneously started, not coinciding with anything I'm aware of. Any theories or guidance? Thanks!

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I had this problem when i was trying to save things to a formatted USB stick.I ended up using a new SD card and formatting it with the control panel UI. Once i re-installed the infusions from the bar, i never had this problem again.

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