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How can I gpg encrypt all my email already on gmails IMAP account


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Hi guys. After watching the eppisode on pgp encryption for email and taking notice of all the unlawful spying going on these days I have been using gpg to encrypt what mail I can.. However, I cant get anyone else to give a rats @$$ about it. So, this got me to thinking the best I can do is secure my own account. Like so many I have mail on a gmail server that will sit there prettymuch for ever incase I need it; much longer than 180 days for it to become public property. SO.. I have been trying to find a way to encrypt all the message already received and sent ect.. Its far to painful to manually use thunderbird to move messages to draft then edit/encrypt and move back to inbox. I tried the IMAP crypto.jar which should convert all stored IMAP messages. While this would be prefect, I can not get it to work; never connects.

I was hoping that through some piping and what not there would be a way to use linux to download each messag, gpg only the body of the message then upload/replace the stored message OR resend it to myself. However, having only jumped off the windows ship receienty I do not seem to have the skills to make this work, yet. I have been able to use getmail to download all my emails into files, but I really would like to have it take the files as they come in and then resend the gpg version back to me all in one shot. Since you find joy on the shell can you tell me how I might make this happen?

I want to download and take each file then copy the subject over to a new message, encrypt the body of the email only using public key, then send the subject with the encrypted body to myself.

getmail > gpg "user key" and other crypto junk > coppy subject of email > append to> grep body-of-email > sendmail to meself ???????????

Thanks for doing what you do!

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You can add a pgp or gpg signature to your emails to prove who you are, but you can't encrypt and decrypt via gmail as far as I know. You'd need a third party email client and webserver, which means leaving google. Google uses allows secure imap connection from email clients though and pop3, or just use the site in a browser and use https if you want the traffic to not be sniffed.

As far as I know, they had at one time allowed third party extensions to do it, but removed it because they have no control over the third party data and whether or not it could be trusted.


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