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How to flash Mark V trhough serial?


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Hi everybody i'm experiencing a strange/weird issue on my mark V: mac address of interface radio1 randomlu change at every boot and i've never installed macchanger, connected devices trhough USB etc etc. I've tried to flash, re-flash trhough web interface but with no success, so i would like to completely erase and re-flash the pineapple in a harder way respect the "official" flashing how to's cause i've already tried everything possibile.. So the question to developers is: how can i flash through serial? :) i'm asking this cause for me , a non-US citizen, it's very difficult to ask for a replacement of my mark v (that i think it was born faulty) so i'm trying to do everything possibile trying to fix my issue.Thanks in advance...


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We don't offer this possibility. While technically possible to go this route it is the EXACT same thing going through the recovery interface. It performs the full flash (like serial) for you.

Best regards,


Ok thank you!

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