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critics of the pineapple


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when searching for info on what the pineapple does the firmware etc. I found some people out there with opinions of the pineapple. Critics say it is a toy with no value. They also said something about the message it teaches young people. What could happen if it gets in the wrong hands. If someone wants to get a hold of a tool like this for wrong doing they will. I think kids will learn about stuff like this. They teach kids how to program in middle school and highschool. It also sets a bad message about the use of open source. I think all of this is crap. The critics work for companies that support and deal with software that does some of the same things. Again all crap

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Am I right? ( I mean obviously, one of thems NBC... )

These blind opinions of what the device does can be applied to anything. I can use my machines to sniff traffic and inject code into pages. Its the same threat, they just get hyped because it is marketed as a WiFi Device.

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Noone ever becomes concerned about anything until it posses some sort of threat. The knowledge that tools like the wifi pineapple have helped spread bring awareness and help protect people. It also causes the designers to think more about security and the implications of storing private data. When I did my thesis in computer science, it was a completely novel concept to make security a true high point of concern in a large project.

I attribute the internet becoming a safer place due to tools like this teaching people to challenge assumptions about the devices they use. Any device can be configured to do harm. There are plenty of tools freely available. Any tools that helps our youth grow to love math and science can only be cherished these days.

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