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Hey Guys,

I was quite happy to receive my pineapple in the mail yesterday. I've messed around with it a bunch and feel semi-comfortable with it. I have looked all over the forums and still have several questions that I couldn't find complete, up-to-date answers to.

1) How do people use this thing without their laptop? Lets see if I understand this correctly. The only infusions that work without a computer are the ones marked as "autostart". But how can the pineapple connect to a network (without a computer) so that the clients actually receive a working internet connection.

The only way I have thought that may be possible goes like this: Karma autostart is turned on and I connect to the fake AP. Next I open a browser and navigate to the Pineapple interface. If this works then it would not be difficult to control the pineapple without a computer,

2) Is it possible to tether it with an iPhone? I saw many posts and tutorials on android but little information for the Mark V with an iPhone. If this is possible again, could I just navigate the browser to and control the pineapple from there?

3) I think that it is possible to connect the pineapple to the computer via wifi but for some reason it screws up both my pineapple and computer internet connections. I am running Windows 7 (I know, not a good choice).

4) Is there a way to batch install/update infusions? I saw Seb mention that they were working on it, but never heard anything after that.

5) Are there detailed tutorials somewhere other than youtube and google that I am not seeing?

Thanks for any help!

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I use the MKV with my iphone and iPad when mobile. 1. The dip switches are awesome for deploying without a computer. I use them to call different scripts depending on what I'm after. 2. Tethering to iphone is what I do, I use the personnel hotspot function of the iphone and have wlan1 setup to connect to my phone. As far as navigating to the pineapple with the phone, I will drop the tether connection and connect to the pineapples wlan0 ap connection then change the setup to whatever I need and then turn my hotspot back on, and the pineapple will connect and your back in business.

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Thank you guys for the help. Most of those videos I have seen, but a few helped. I have the tethering thing figured out now. Have there been any update recently to the KARMA function? I saw many posts describing the incompatibilities I noticed with newer smartphones.

Even my iPhone 4s on iOS 5.1 didn't get tricked into connecting. However, my friends iPhone 3gs did. Are we still awaiting an update to fix the different form of probe requests?

EDIT: Also my Karma has both autostart and MK5 Karma enabled. For some reason whenever I restart the pineapple, the autostart says it is still on but the MK5 Karma shows that it is disabled.

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