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[Idea for Midnitesnake] - Firmware ideas

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Hi again,

As you know, there are others on this forum that want to change the name of their duck, etc to make it more annonymous - so I have a simple idea (may not be simple to program however, I'm not sure); edit the firmware so it can read a configuration file on the SD card - just like how the duck reads the "inject.bin" file. So for example, there could be a file on the SD card called "config.bin" which contains the following:

Manufacturer = Microsoft

HID_NAME = HID Keyboard

STORAGE_NAME = USB Mass Storage Device

ID = 123123123

The firmware I've started using is the "4CAPS" firmware since I don't have to wait for a delay. I think its perfect for my payload "ULTIMATE DATA THIEF!".

Thanks. I know you're busy so take your time :D

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It's a good idea, but unfortunately I don't think it is practical. I have looked at some of the source code, and there is a problem. All these variables are "Defined" in the "conf_usb.c", so they are essentially constants that cannot be changed at runtime. Here is the code:

//! USB Device string definitions (Optional)
#define  USB_DEVICE_PRODUCT_NAME          "HID Keyboard and MSC"
#define  USB_DEVICE_SERIAL_NAME           "123123123123" // Disk SN for MSC

Unless somebody can find a magic method(my bad, it's a function) in the amtel doccumentation for changing a devices manufacturer name, product name, and serial name we are stuck defining these at compile time.

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My input (sorry for delay):

Manufacturer name = constant ; modify the source code only

Device Product name = constant ; modify the source code only

Device Serial name = Is apparently stored on the Micro-controller's HEAP, but I haven't found a way to successfully change this on the fly (think its due to using all the available memory up) ; for now .... modify the source code only.

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