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So what, exactly, does a control panel allow a customer to do that would kill uptime and not be their own damn fault?

Also, since you're already using it (and, by extension I assume you've also already paid for it) why ask this question now? You've already chosen. Run with it and see for yourself if it works for you.

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It’s my own server, and I don’t what to take my old server down if I’m going to have issues. I only installed it, as it looked useful, but if it courses more issues then it's worth then I will remove it before I replace my old server.


Interface Languages

* English

* German

* French

* Spanish

* Dutch

* Italian

* Polish

* Swedish

If you are interested in translating the interface, please contact us at dev [at] ispconfig [dot] org.

Daemons and Software

* Apache 1.3.x/2.0.x

* Proftpd & vsftpd

* Supports The Following Mail Servers: Sendmail & Postfix

* All POP3 & POP3s Servers

* All IMAP & IMAPs Servers

* BIND 8/9 (A, CNAME, MX, SPF Records)

* Firewall Configuration

* Monitoring Of Services And Automatic Restart

* Web FTP

* Web Mail Interface

* phpMyAdmin Integration

Domain options and services

* PHP incl. Safemode


* CGI-Directories

* SSL Sites and Certificates

* Frontpage 2002 extensions (if installed on the server)

* MySQL Databases

* Disk Quota

* Webalizer statisics

* Traffic statistics

* Traffic limits (for web sites and resellers)

* Disk usage statistics and overquota warnings

* Individual standard index and error pages per domain

* Individual records for inclusion in apache vhost (admin only)

* Domain redirects

* Backup

* Log-Quota and Logrotation

* Standard CGI

* WAP pages

* Hosting templates

Email and user accounts

* System, FTP and Mail users

* Autoresponder

* Mailquota

* Mailscanner

* Mailfilter

* CatchAll Email addresses

* Shell-User

* Automatic User prefix

* ClamAV antivirus filter

* SpamAssassin Spamfilter Settings


* Creation of folders / categories where resellers / clients / sites can be stored in.

* 4 different logins (Administrator, Resellers, Clients, Email-Users)

* Update manager

* Recycle bin to restore deleted clients / users / domains

* Language settings per user

* Primary and Secondary DNS

* Management of SPF Records (see http://www.openspf.org for more details)

* Automatic network configuration for new IP Addresses (optional)

* Welcome mails for resellers / clients

* Several reseller limits

* Reseller Quota

* Traffic limits for web sites and resellers

* Trouble ticket system


I only host a few websites for friends as well as myself but I don’t want to be fixing problems all the time.

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