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Wifi Detect && Reboot Command


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What exactly does that wifi detect command do? Does it copy the wireless config file from /rom/config? When I google this, I'm not getting an understanding of whats taken place in the openwrt os. I had my access point setup as "freewifi." Then I ran wifi detect > /etc/config/wireless, it wiped all the settings in my /etc/config/wireless file.

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Thank you for your response Seb. This new configuration file....is it coming from /rom/config? I promise not to modify the permissions for the rom directory nor its dependencies. Just wondering...

No. While there is one stored there, the detect function generates it depending on your hardware. If you were to add wifi cards, it would also include those there but not necessarily in the /rom folder.

Also, changes to the /rom/ folder won't take iirc.

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