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  1. Anyone with any ideas at all?
  2. Yes I know I should factory default, but I'm curious as why I'm getting this error anytime I try to view a php file from a web browser: Unable to launch the requested GGI program: /usr/bin/php-cgi: Permission denied When I do an ls -l command on the /usr/bin/php-cgi file, none of the permissions are set. When I issue the chmod u+x command on the file, I get this error now: The CGI Process did not produce any response In my /www directory, I have some html and php files; I'm able to view all of the html files. Could someone shed some light on this because it was working about two reboots ago. Not sure what had happen here. I have even tried deleting the /etc/config/uhttpd and /etc/php.ini files then copying them back over using the cp -rp command from the /rom directory. :(
  3. I see that now. I do see at https://scotthelme.co.uk/wifi-pineapple-karma-dnsspoof/ he had created a symbolic link. If I were to clone a site, I'm guessing Id have to create a symbolic link for each file? I'm just trying to find something to play around with and learn. Not wanting to do anything that would be violating federal law. I'm new to this site as you can see I've only posted 32 posts and had not had dug into the MarkIV sub forum prior to posting this topic. I'm actually finding out some of my questions are being answered in that sub forum since its been asked already.
  4. What would be the best way to: 1. Clone facebook's website 2. Host the cloned site 3. Redirect users to the cloned site The pineapple internal storage isn't enough to store anything so I'm assuming the best way to do this would be to store it on the sdcard. How is everyone else doing this? Please provide instructions. Trying to put together some good tutorials. Thank you
  5. Scott, will you be writing anymore? You had done a great job with those tutorials. Learned a lot from you
  6. I'm asking the same question DrDinosaur is asking. What is this and what does it do?
  7. Xrad - I will take a look Foxtrot - I've been using a script that changes the mac addresses and hostname. It had been working three factory resets ago. Lol #!/bin/bash ### BEGIN INIT INFO # Provides: randhostnamemac # Randomises hostname and MAC # placed in /etc/init.d. ### END INIT INFO #create hosts.old if not there if [ ! -a /etc/hosts.old ]; then cp /etc/hosts /etc/hosts.old fi #assign the variable newhn a random value as defined below newhn=$(cat /dev/urandom | tr -dc 'A-Za-z' | head -c8) #update hostname and hosts with new value echo $newhn > /etc/hostname echo " $newhn" > /etc/hosts cat /etc/hosts.old >> /etc/hosts #update uci uci set system.@system[0].hostname=$newhn uci commit system echo $(uci get system.@system[0].hostname) > /proc/sys/kernel/hostname #randomise MAC for wlan0 and wlan1 ifconfig wlan0 down macchanger -A wlan0 ifconfig wlan0 up ifconfig wlan1 down macchanger -A wlan1 ifconfig wlan1 up exit
  8. Every time I change the mac address of interface wlan0 and reboot the pineapple, my laptop running ubuntu wont connect up to the pineapple. It sees the network out there and is trying to associate with it, but not able to. Any ideas? Whats funny is that my phone doesn't even see the pineapple network.
  9. Thesugarat is correct. The network adapter that the pineapple's SSID is broadcasting on (in my situation Pineapple05E) is the wlan0 interface. Wlan1 is the interface that will connect to the access point that has internet access. Here is the setup: Laptop/Tablet with no internet -> Pineapple wlan0 -> Pineapple wlan1 -> your home wireless access point with internet The wlan1 has internet access so the wlan0 interface (actually the br-lan interface because wlan0 and eth0 are bridged just in case you hooked up with ethernet cable from laptop to pineapple) uses the wlan1 to get out.
  10. Thank you for your response Seb. This new configuration file....is it coming from /rom/config? I promise not to modify the permissions for the rom directory nor its dependencies. Just wondering...
  11. What exactly does that wifi detect command do? Does it copy the wireless config file from /rom/config? When I google this, I'm not getting an understanding of whats taken place in the openwrt os. I had my access point setup as "freewifi." Then I ran wifi detect > /etc/config/wireless, it wiped all the settings in my /etc/config/wireless file.
  12. Is the internet connection coming through usb? If so there maybe a usb0 interface you need to add to br-lan. Run ifconfig to see if there is a usb0. If there is, run brctl addif br-lan usb0, then udhcpc br-lan
  13. Seems like every time I install an infusion to my SD card, it doesn't appear on the infusion screen. When I install them to the internal memory, they appear just fine. I've searched the forum and don't see another topic on this. I'm assuming I'm the only one having this issue
  14. Darren and Shannon does a great job on the shows.
  15. Heck yea man!!! Let me know if you need a QA tester :) I'm very detailed oriented
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