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internet sharing dose not work


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The unit gets internet via 4G mobile router (Huawei E589). install Infusions is no problem.
When I run my ipador laptop for example by the pineapple internet sharing dose not work.
When I insert an ethernet cable to my adsl router internet sharing works great. what can be the problem?

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If you are using wlan1 on your Mk5 (Client Mode tab in Configuration Tile) to connect to your mobile router then your laptop should connect to the Pineapple via wlan0 (the broadcasted AP of the Pineapple). Under this configuarion you do not need to enable any kind of ICS. It should just work. You should with your laptop get an ip address of 172.16.42.X and be able to access the Pineapples Management page where the Pineapple Bar should allow you to install infusions. As long as you can do that you should be able to open another tab in your browser and go to whatever website you want. If you are not running in this configuration you need to be more clear how you are setup when you have a problem.

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Thesugarat is correct. The network adapter that the pineapple's SSID is broadcasting on (in my situation Pineapple05E) is the wlan0 interface. Wlan1 is the interface that will connect to the access point that has internet access. Here is the setup:

Laptop/Tablet with no internet -> Pineapple wlan0 -> Pineapple wlan1 -> your home wireless access point with internet

The wlan1 has internet access so the wlan0 interface (actually the br-lan interface because wlan0 and eth0 are bridged just in case you hooked up with ethernet cable from laptop to pineapple) uses the wlan1 to get out.

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