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Which interface is supposed to be used for client mode? The AR9331 (blue Light WLAN0/Radio0) or the RTL8187 (Red Light WLAN1/RADIO1)?? I am getting weird issue when I configure WLAN1 to connect to my AP with network manager. WLAN0 will not light up. With an IFCONFIG it appear to be up but the led is not lit and I cannot see it on my phone when I enable Karma. Anyone else seen this?

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the red light (rtl) is the client it only lights when connected to an ap when using client mode.

the blue light (ar) is your pineapple ssid and used by karma.

maybe try client mode in the network tile instead of network manager and make sure you have done the update for the network tile or you may be having an encryption issue

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If you performed a reset or just to be sure, log in over SSH and execute:

wifi detect > /etc/config/wireless && reboot

Wait for it to reboot and try again with clientmode from the network tile (make sure that has been updated in the pineapple bar!).

Best Regards,


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