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php/html scripts to control a Host pc system?


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Hey Hack.5 team!

Even though i only found out about your site and videos last night i must say i am already hooked :D , so much so im inspired to make my own sort of iptv (but thats a diffrent story)

Anyways to my question!

I just watched the season 1 episode where I think Darren(Dont shoot me if i got name wrong), was showing us how to make a web enabled object act as a remote for Vlc, and this got me thinking how can i make a script of somesort that can act more like a media center remote eg(Shut down task on pc, open a diffrent program, and even Turn off the pc), is this even possible? and could someone be kindenough to point me into the direction on how to achive the effect i want?

Thanks so much for you time, keep up the good work


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Havn't coded any php in a month or two, but I remember it been very similare to C++ (or C), so it's probably some thing like:

sy stem("shutdown -r");

but it might not be, but apparently it is.


I spent 20 minets trying to work out why this post wouldn't submit... and it turns out that the server returns a 503 error if you put valid php syntax in your post...

btw. That "sy stem" in that block of code is ment to read "system", but if you write valid php code and try to submite it, the server returns a 503 error.

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What are you trying to do with firefox? If you want to use a PDA or phone to remotely control what you see on the monitor you might have a hard time. If you have a windows pocket pc, there is a vncviewer available for it, so you could control some of the stuff you see on the host monitor. If you are using firefox to try to download a webpage, take a look at curl--it is a library in php.

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