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How large is the package?


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Hello, since the shipping costs are extremely high, I want to forward the package to my country with a 3rd party shipping company.

I want a price quote of what the item will cost me to ship to my country and I need to know the following:

How much it weighs in kg or lbs, I was thinking 500 grams/1.1 lbs.

Length, Width and Height in inches or in cm.

Thanks in advance.

- Dexter

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You would be better off contacting shop@hak5.org and also not using lime green text lol.

Will contact them after I make this post :) Also, I love lime green text, lol

Shipping to much of Europe is now as low at $6. The package is very small. Both the standard and deluxe weigh just 2 oz or less.

Hey mate, when I enter my zip code, this shows up:

There are 2 shipping rates available for (Zip code), Norway, starting at $34.00 USD.

  • US Postal Priority Shipping at $34.00 USD
  • UPS Insured Expedited at $38.00 USD

that package's weight is really nothing! It costed 35 dollars to ship it! WAAAY too much

Yeah, I cannot afford paying $70-90 for the product + shipping, and since the product costs $48+$38 I have to pay 25% custom fees.

Meaning I will end up paying around 95-110 dollars. Not sure if I want to do that. I was considering paying this amount, but currently cannot afford it.

Sending you guys an email right away. Maybe we can make a deal somehow.

- Dexter

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