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HackRF and MITM attacks


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Hey there,

First of all I'd like to say I'm still relatively knew to this so please correct me if I'm wrong about anything.

In episode 1417 of the Hak5 podcast, Daren interviews the creator of HackRF and they talk about the possibilities and the projects future. At one point they tune to the right frequency and can 'see' data being sent from his wireless-modem to his laptop. In the video, he's downloading a youtube video. Darren says something along the lines of 'we are seeing the binary code' which got me thinking, hypothetically speaking; could this data be captured?

Could some sort of MITM attack be possible without being connected to the network?


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1st of all. yes you could be able to capture it. But its captured RAW. ( you could also just use your own wireless adapter )

2nd Yes you could potentialy do mitm. if you get 2 HackRF's. But again this data that is captured is raw data. Meaning you would need write your own translater and stuff. While all of this can be done with the pineapple and such.

As off MITM. the word itselfs says it. Your in between the 2 so you always need to be connected.

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