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  1. Hey there, First of all I'd like to say I'm still relatively knew to this so please correct me if I'm wrong about anything. In episode 1417 of the Hak5 podcast, Daren interviews the creator of HackRF and they talk about the possibilities and the projects future. At one point they tune to the right frequency and can 'see' data being sent from his wireless-modem to his laptop. In the video, he's downloading a youtube video. Darren says something along the lines of 'we are seeing the binary code' which got me thinking, hypothetically speaking; could this data be captured? Could some sort of MITM attack be possible without being connected to the network? Thanks, Jacob
  2. Hey there, First of all... Pineapple: Mark IV Firmware: 2.70 OS: Windows Vista | Android Layout: Android, Pineapple tether. USB0 -> WLAN0 Now that that's out of the way, I've just installed the latest version of the Reaver module onto the internal pineapple storage. When I go to scan access points I receive the following error. No access-point found, please retry or change the wifi interface used (in left panel)... Being new to the pineapple it is likely that I've just done something wrong in the setup however after playing with it for hours I have still yet to figure it out. So, here are the steps in which I have taken to install/setup/run Reaver. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than I can shed some light onto this problem. First of all I transferred the latest version of Reaver onto the pineapple's storage via WINSCP and installed it via the PineappleBar. I then started monitoring on the WLAN0 interface. Once monitoring was enabled I simply pressed the 'Scan AP' button. Is there another step that I've missed or does Reaver not even work on the Mark IV? Thanks, Jacob
  3. Hey there, Sorry to ask such a stupid question but I've been playing with my (new) Mark IV for the past few hours now trying to figure it out to no avail. I managed to tether the pineapple with my Android phone and get it all setup. To test to see if everything was working correctly I grabbed another android device and added a open connection called 'Test123'. I then hopped onto the web control panel to see if the test android device would connect. According to the pineapple there was a probe request for the SSID 'Test123' but it didn't actually connect? I most likely configured something wrong but like I said. I really can't figure it out. What in gods name am I doing wrong? Warm Regards Jacob EDIT: Running V2.7.0.
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