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Compiz for Windows XP?


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There is nothing like this for windows unless you count Vista's Areo, do notice how Windows is behind every other OS again ;)

Bullshit. Compiz must be the most annoying thing I have ever had the displeasure of using. Its pointless eye candy, and nothing more.

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Heh, from my point of view the last thing I want is my desktop giving me acid flashbacks. Compiz just feels like someone went "HEY LOOK WHAT WE CAN DO!!", rather than "Lets make a usuable product, something that looks attractive yet retains the functionality of a normal desktop". And yet people keep pimping this rather [asthetically) crappy tech demo as some kinda kick in the balls to vista. I'll stick this in my pile of "If linux wants to be mainstream it needs to grow up fast" retorts.

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Compiz adds usfull functionality, the most noticable of which are:

Live Alt-Tab view of windows

That thing where you press a button and it seperates all the windows

On the fly editable window transparancy

These are the most usfull of all the functionality that is added, not paticually much, but it's a start. I'm sure the devs of Compiz will come up with some more usfull features at some point.

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Its not about features, its about how you apply those features. They desperatly need to get a asthetic design team in and do some research into how people respond to there product. Linux's main downfall is the fact that genrally the entire dev team is made up of nothing but programmers who seldom think beyond features. They don't understand that 99% of people are not programmers, and not geeks.

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