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Laptop for virtual machines


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Looking to get a laptop for personal use to compliment my decent lab PC. The lab PC runs ESXi with a few VMs. It's a decent powerful PC but I'd also like a powerful laptop to go with it. The laptop will be mainly used to connect to the ESXi so some might believe doesn't need to be powerful. However, I also want to run VMs on it at times when not on the lab machines, hence laptop needs to be somewhat powerful as well.

I've looked at this one so far

Fujitsu Lifebook N532 Laptop

Can get it for a little over £1k from ebuyer and has a 1.5TB HDD. I'd like to put 16GB in it at some point and finding a review somewhere it showed it was pretty easy to repair this laptop if it ever fails. So another plus point.

Anyone got any other suggestions?

I don't do Apple :)

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When I was attending some penetration testing open sessions, I was using a single core 2 GHz CPU x64 with 768 MB DDR RAM. It had xubuntu installed for the OS, and ran 2 VMs (One of XP, one of BT4). It was laggy and took a while to load things, but I could practice techniques on the BT machine to the XP machine. So basically any modern laptop will do the trick in my opinion.

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Thanks. I'll keep looking as well but still got my eye on the one I mentioned. I have a small, 12" Core Duo HP running Windows 7, but it runs like a dog now. Does my nut in, hence I wanted to go for power. When I was stuck in a hotel for 3 nights due to Windows 7 training, it was a pain in the arse attempting to run VMs on it in the evening for practice. Ended up giving up and just watching movies on it and a lot of Columbo. Can never go wrong with episodes of Columbo :)

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My current work laptop is a Dell 6410 running Kali locally with full disk encryption and I have it's original windows install vm'd inside that. Works just fine. Haven't tried running more than one vm at a time with it yet though. Had a coworker's laptop walk on him so that's why I'm running linux as my main os with full disk encryption, that and I'm lazy and didn't want to have to compile a bunch of stuff. Pretty sure any newer i5 or better laptop will run a couple vm's just fine.

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The Fujitsu is now out the window. Now looking at

Lenovo Thinkpad W530

Lenovo have been used on the ISS for years so must be reliable :)

The Fujitsu went out the window after reading the review on notebookchat. I like the way they have the images of the laptops open so you can see how easy they are to repair etc.

The Lenovo appears to be more a workstation power house laptop, which is what I want. But still looking.

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