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Wifi Pineapple Research


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So I am trying to do some research on the wifi pineapple for someone who may be looking to purchase it. Would anyone be able to help me and give me a good idea on what its capabilities are, and its wifi penetration testing in a large network environment?

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Is the pineapple capable of using other software such as kismet? How good is it at detecting rogue or unauthorized access points? Could anyone help me in understanding in how you cotnrol the pineapple. From what I understand it seems like it is using a custom distro of linux, that has a web interface that can be logged into. So does that mean that the pineapple does not always have to be physically connected to where you wish to control it from? If anyone knows of people who are willing to talk to someone wanting to start using Pineapple in a corporate environment please let me know.

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Yes, it is. In regards to kismet, you can set up the pineapple to run kismet-drone and have Kismet server run on your laptop.

In terms of finding rogue access points, it's as good as your laptop would be. Technically anyway.

The pineapple can be controlled over a Web interface. Using things such as SSH tunnels, you can access the UI remotely. You can of course control it over SSH too - it behaves pretty much like a normal Linux box.

For anything else, send me a PM and I'll see that the right contact is made.

Best Regards,


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Is the web interface just like a linux console? The reason I ask is because linux isn't very popular around here. Also is the pineapple able to try and help you physically locate a rogue device and pinpoint its location? Do you guys know of anyone or any posts on the forums regarding the pineapple and Cisco WLCs? I did a quick search and did not come up with much.

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