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Bioshock Infinite vs Dishonored


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I'm a huge Bioshock fan from the beginning, so there's a bias here, but I have to tell you that I was prepared for extreme disappointment because the other Bioshock's were sooooo good....hard to do 3 in a row that are all winners.

...and I was NOT disappointed. In fact, at the end I was blown away at how great it was!!! Seriously, I can't really put into words how amazing the game is....the gameplay is awesome, graphics are just brilliant, and the storyline is totally engaging, with plenty of twists and turns. These guys are AMAZING storytellers, and the game itself was done brilliantly.

Dishonored was disappointing, but not awful. Just a bit boring and repetitive. No where NEAR the graphics quality nor the depth of story that Bioshock had.

My opinion is that they're both "good", but, even if you're not a Bioshock fan, there is simply no comparison between the two, and Bioshock Infinite blows Dishonored away in every aspect.

Happy gaming!

Ey! I want to buy both videogames (Bioshock infinite and dishonored) but i don't know which (and can't afford both).

Have you played any or both?? Which one is better?? I'm interested in the singleplayer.

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I never played Dishonored, however I did beat and do own Bioshock Infinite. I hadn't played any of the previous Bioshock games, so I didnt know what to expect. I must say that I was absolutely blown away by this game!! The storyline and plot are so original and the just absorbed me in. One of my favorite games now becuase of it. Even from the begininng, everything that happens is significant and connected. I went back and played it again as soon as I beat it to fully make all the connections. The world you play in and the style of graphics are pretty unique and awesome as well. I'd definitely say buy this game, even though I've never played Dishonored. Hope this helps!

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