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  1. Not much :O But i think i'll better install a virtual machine with backtrack 5 and learn linux :P Thanks!! :D
  2. Ey! I want to buy both videogames (Bioshock infinite and dishonored) but i don't know which (and can't afford both). Have you played any or both?? Which one is better?? I'm interested in the singleplayer.
  3. HAHAHA multiplayer is like an orgy then?! XD No seriously, Singleplayer is like, learning the basics, feeling the plot and enjoying the story (if it has a good one...). Multiplayer is the challenge and adrenaline of killing lots of people :D
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I just bought the awus036nha and i'm using a Macbook Pro with Mountain Lion but I can't find the drivers on the webpage for this operating system. Anyone has a clue how to install it?? Thanks!
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