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  1. Anyone else an avid Usenet junkie? If so what newsgroup provider do you use?
  2. You'll experience the fastest speeds and highest level of encryption with the OpenVPN protocol. I uses IPVanish's client on both my phone and computer
  3. A paid VPN service is great becuase it will do all this work for you. I am currently running IPVanish and have no problems. If trust is an issue, like you said, you have to look for VPN services like IPVanish or Overplay that won't log all your activity when youre torrenting or other stuff. Message me if you have any further questions!!
  4. The game is officially out now for Xbox, Playstation, and PC!
  5. If there are any colleges or universities near you, it's worth asking around. I know you can use a 3d printer and its services for a nominal fee at a couple schools near me. Good luck!
  6. I could probably benefit from reading this... Good luck!
  7. I'm looking to buy a new, durable, and reliable laptop over the summer since my last one broke. I would use it primarily for schoolwork and amateur gaming. I've never had a Mac but do like them. Any suggestions for a very solid laptop under $1000? Greatly Appreciated! -Rob
  8. IE doesn't support many of the applications I have to use with groups I'm a part of. Definitely recommend FireFox
  9. I never played Dishonored, however I did beat and do own Bioshock Infinite. I hadn't played any of the previous Bioshock games, so I didnt know what to expect. I must say that I was absolutely blown away by this game!! The storyline and plot are so original and the just absorbed me in. One of my favorite games now becuase of it. Even from the begininng, everything that happens is significant and connected. I went back and played it again as soon as I beat it to fully make all the connections. The world you play in and the style of graphics are pretty unique and awesome as well. I'd definitely say buy this game, even though I've never played Dishonored. Hope this helps!
  10. Hello Everyone, My name is Robert Rust, but I just go by Rob. I'm an engineer that loves everything about the internet, specifically usenet and protection software such as VPN's. That being said, I'd love to establish my presence on this site. I am very knowledgeable on usenet and vpn providers (https://www.usenetserver.com/en/index.php? and https://www.ipvanish.com/), so if you ever have a question, please dont hesitate to ask. Here are all the little pointers that will help you to get to know me better: Robert Rust 28 years old Im from Atlanta, GA Other than everything internet related, I LOVE vintage cars And a fun fact about me is that I have a baby on the way!! Thanks! Rob
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