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OPKG Updating Incomplete

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I'm not sure if this is an issue with just me, but I factory reset and then reflashed 2.8.1 just to be sure before i posted a topic. If i SSH into my Pineapple it updates fine and gives me a complete list but if i update through the infusion it only gets as far as 'perlbase module' and that's the end of the cache. I've updated, updated cache, uninstalled, reinstalled, manually and with phials, factory reset, cleaned up my usb drive, reflashed, reinstalled and reconfigured everything, and still the same problem. When i reinstall/reflash 'perlbase module' isn't always the exact module it stops on. It's usually around there though. Seems like a cache issue but because it works through cli i don't know what the deal is. I'm not positive if this has been going on since i flashed 2.8.1 or not because the infusions working besides that so until i tried to scroll past perl in the repo i had no way of knowing. I saw a resolved topic back in March of the same issue, the bandaid was to change the repo until the dev's fixed it. Then i saw Seb say that's a bad idea because of incompatibility issues. So if any1 has any idea what the issue is i'd def appreciate the help. Thanks in advance...

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Thanks. I wasn't sure if i should post here or in the infusions section. Since it coincided with 2.8.1 and i was following your recommendation from an older thread about not using the last fix i posted here first. Also because it was acting like a cache problem i wasn't sure if there was some kind of symlink issue with my usb

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