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Blue For The Pineapple


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First off, AP51 is Mark III.

Honestly, No.


Very limited. Not flexible for antennas, power, storage. Firmware may work, but not specifically tuned for the device. Only 1 ethernet port (can't do in-line "Interceptor"). Runs off 5V USB standard which tells me low power so not beefy power wise unlike the AP121U (Mark IV) which uses 12V standard.

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I agree with Mr-Protocol.

The guy openly states its a cheap clone, and its an alternative for students and people low on fund$.

In the comments he openly encourages people to buy the original Pineapple if they can afford one.

Also, its bit of a do it yourself job, you might make a mistake, have trouble getting it to work?

I'd say most people are willing to pay for a plug n play device. Hak5 wins here!

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It's not a matter of winning. Remember we didn't originally sell these. It wasn't until being hounded that I started doing Mark 1's on commission, which eventually grew to what we have now (and thank God - it's kept Hak5 afloat and brought us awesome stuff like the Mark4 and beyond).

I encourage anyone with the geekery to attempt this feat - you'll learn a lot. Andy has done a great job of documenting a hack that I can only feel flattered by.

I just wish the realities of the situation allowed us to offer a truly economical pineapple for hackers and students, but we're no TP-Link and that router is only certified in China for a reason. I spoke to the manufacturer about getting it FCC'd for us here in the states but no dice.

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