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Ozyman client stalls


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Guess who again? :)

Here's what's up:

Decided to play around with Ozyman. *DUNN Dunn dunnn...*

So I'm running Kali Linux on both server (Virtualized on Mac OS X) and on a Netbook (who owns a netbook anymore, common!?)

I have my domain set up appropriately (I think so) VIA freedns.alfred and uni.me , it accepted the appropriate namespaces and what not as demonstrated in the original episode with Mubix.

On my Virtualized server: In Kali, I have ozyman on the Desktop, so my total bash line looks like this:

root@kali~/Desktop/ozyman# ./nomde.pl -i url.uni.me 

(Obviously it's not really "url.uni.me" :D )

and kicks back :

Creating TCP socket - done. 
repeats for UDP*
waiting for connections..


now on my client Kali box:

ssh -D 8080 -C -o ProxyCommand="/root/ozyman/droute.pl sshdns.url.uni.me" root@url.uni.me


..... Nothing. Not even a return. It acts like it just hangs. Any ideas? I'm trying this off an isolated network from the server. :unsure:

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Can you try a telnet to the server on port 53. Just to see if the Firewall isnt blocking.

Also make sure the virtual server isnt NATed to the testnetwork.

Good thinking. Here is how virtualbox is set up for my network. I also port forwarded 53 on my century link modem (sadly it's an all-in-one, I really need to get a different one and bridge that thing)

On my client, I did

root@kali:~/ozyman# telnet *urlgoeshere

Trying *IPgoeshere

But nothing. My client (still on the separate network from my server) is showing my server IP (external IP) but I don't think I forwarded things right? I'll double check in the mean time. The iMac has the internal Firewall off too during these tests.

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