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Did I just brick two pineapples in one night? Perhaps....


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Situation one: Setup pineapple, connected it to internet. Upgraded software to 2.8. Installed module:

networkmanager 1.8 whistlemaster Network Manager

. I hit something along the lines automatic settings, hit save and then commit. I can no longer connect to the pineapple wifi it broadcasts nor use the ethernet port. It just tries to connect but can't. (Tested on: windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.1)

Situation two: plugged in pineapple, tried to flash a new upgrade. It sat there for 3 hours and didn't do anything other than sit on the page saying do not power down or change the page. Then a stupid update to chrome forced a restart of the browser. I can still connect to the wifi it broadcasts, but cannot access

Basically, I'm a newb and I need some help.

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