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reaver (0x04)


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i started trying to get my router's pin and wpa2 pass using reaver 1.4 just two days ago, i used airmon-ng start wlan0 to put my card into monitor mode.. after that i used wash to see what routers were wps enabled and all of them were (apparently) mine was one of them obviously. i went and used reaver -i mon0 -b 'BSSID' -vv

everything was going smoothly (2 seconds/pin) until it reached 28.8% in about 2 hours. i started getting WPS transaction failed (0x04) and it just stuck there looping for about an hour until i decided to just cancel the thing.

anybody knows what this error code means? anything that can be done to go around it?

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DOH. forgot to press post when i typed my message :(

Euhm just wanted to say. That security on WPS has increased on most new routers. ( they start blocking on to many attempts )

also make sure your wireless does not start to connect to a other network.


The router Im working on is my technicolor tg587n v3 - 2011. this is proberly where they started the above security increase but this guy is still crackable alledgedly - i have found 1 post out there on the nets that say he took 5-7 days.

Currently trying to get head around these 0x01 --> 0x04 codes and they really mean. This document here http://sviehb.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/viehboeck_wps.pdf explains very nicely the m1--> m7 messages and its meaning and some detailed info about wps and its flaws.

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