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Hey guys, just got my Pineapple yesterday, after waiting about one month or so to get it shipped from USA to me. I instantly started playing with it but I got into something messy and I can't find a good way to make this process easier.

So here's the thing: I'm using (temporary!) a 1GB flash drive with my Pineapple while I'm getting comfortable with the tools (mostly tcpdump). I've even captured some PCAPs and I want to move them to my computer and analyze them.

However, what I have to do now is to disconnect the stick, connect it to my computer, and copy the files.

It's not really practical :(

Is there any other way I could do this?

I have tried using FileZilla to connect to it on port 22 and download them, but it closes the connection, and so does "Connect to Server" from Ubuntu. I guess this has something to do with the Dropbear SSH server from the Pineapple and the autossh script. Therefore, this won't be a good way.

I've tried creating a symlink in my /pineapple folder to point to /usb, again, it's not working. With this, I could have accessed http://IP/symlink/file.pcap

My only way would be to setup samba shares, or a small footprind FTP daemon. Or any other methods? Please, if you try to help by saying that I have to install a package, if it's not "working" out of the box, let me an example setting file as well :D


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This should do the trick

scp root@ .


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