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Is there a hacker in my school? bluetooth phone keeps connecting to something


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I drive a ford fiesta that hooks into my phone and would notice my buetooth on my phone not connected to anything when I turn it off. So when I walk to like a lunch area at my college I notice my bluetooth randomly on sometimes and also when I call I can't hear since it's connected to somethng. Could this be a random hacker spoofing phones or something?

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If you are not using it, just simply disable it.

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Bluetooth, depending on the phone, is highly insecure in implementation, and some phones, believe it or not, when disabled can be triggered, kind of like WOL magic packet, to turn blue tooth back on. Also, rouge apps, can enable and take control of the phone depending on the apps permissions, so even though you disable it, any app(ie: facebook) can turn it back on if facebook is tracking you and says, "oh, Bobby Joe is in the vicinity of one of our affiliate stores, lets turn on blue tooth and track his movements around the mall".

Look up videos by the late Brad "the nurse" Smith, and he has videos and talks about the problems and abilities to track blue tooth. Might find them on youtube and security tube. I tried compiling a list hear in another thread after he passed away, but they were hard to find. Might be easier to find them now that he has passed and the searching and watching of his talks are becoming more popular again.

Also, look into getting an ubertooth and using it with backtrack, so you can scan your school. Not for malicious use of course, but just so you're aware of HOW many devices, are actually picked up around you, and if you can see your own device, see what you can get it to spit out and tell you info on the device. There are tools that can actually transfer address books and email contacts from phones if blue tooth is enabled. Google for them, but some exist already in Back Track. Its possible the school itself has a tracking system in place for its own devices, and you could just be seeing random data hitting the phone, but if its completing a paring with another device, turn off blue tooth and only enable it when you need it. I keep mine off until I need it for my keyboard on my touchpad, or I want to sync it with my phone for calls, but other than that, its always disabled. Know also, a lot of people say blue tooth is short range, but with the right equipment, you can be picked up with line of site from across a parking lot or say, outside your car, from another car few cars away.

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