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VPN, FTP file server options , (Old Hotline Server)


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I used to use the Hotline Client and Server suite to transfer files between a few friends across the country. Is there anything out there similar nowdays (pitbull pro, KDX , Freenet) that is similar OR , Do I need to set up a FTP site, file server or VPN to exchange files (via username and password) between 3-4 people? Any help out there? , Thank you.


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If you can get it working, Filezilla is free and will do TLS for both client and server from a home machine between you and friends(but that puts your machine in the line of fire as a file sharing service ISP's and others could go after). I always had issues with it but that might just be because I lock my shit down, firewall, router, etc. Just remember when doing FTP at home, port forward both 20 and 21, or FTP will fail and make sure your PC firewall allows access on those ports as well.

Personally though, I'd keep people out of my machine, and spend the money on a cheap domain and htaccess off a directory just for friends IP's and upload to the web. That way, its not hosted at home, much faster downloads(once files are uploaded) and you can deny all, and allow only the IP's you want, no need for passwords of clients and will be fast for everyone. If uploading from them to you is an issue, then setup scp on the host and create accounts for people to upload and download to the site, which is even easier and safer since its all encrypted.

Another option, IRC DCC, but use your own IRC servers with encryption so no one can see the traffic. Don;t use freenode or such to XDCC serve files or they might shut down your channel. Nice thing about DCC is its direct person to person or client to client transfer and works a treat. used to use it all the time back in the day, and many browsers these days, have an IRC client built in that works just as well as stand alone clients for DCC transfer.

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