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Dual Band 2Ghz & 5Ghz Modem Recommendation...


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I currently operate the Alfa AWUS036H 2Ghz adapter. Does anyone have any recommedations for a newer modem for BackTrack PenTesting which has both bands 2 & 5Ghz? What should I look for as fas as specs?

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I would look for a router, not an all in one Modem. Modems get flashed by the ISP and configs sent to them by the ISP. Routers you own, they can't mess with, so long as you secure it. Basically anything DOCSIS 3.0 and current, will be good for a modem. For routers, I just picked up an Asus 802.11AC that does 2.4, 5, and AC all at the same time, and I can even set the 2.4 to mixed or B/G only while the 5Ghz can do N and they'll run both bg and N with no problem. I did run into a snag, with the AC usb adapoters I bought. They are netgear piece of shits, and wouldn't even install for me under windows 7, so I've yet to be able to get the AC tested and benchmarked, but this new router is hella stable, just hat the admin interface. Leaves a lot to be desired, as in, nothing. I hate the admin interface on it, and it only seems to work with IE for the most part and you have to allow it to run its self signed certificate if you plan on using the admin side from https only. All in all, its fast and can handle many devices at the same time, without any decrease in speed seen so far, and way more stable and fast than my last home router, which could only to mixed, or N only, so if someone with B came over, everyone else would drop to 11mb B and N would be useless.

This is the one I currently have, just make sure to update the firmware once you get it working*(which was a bitch) to fix stability issues with it - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833320115

Not cheap by any means, but when more 802.11AC devices become the norm, I'll sort of be future proofed on that end with the faster wifi and stability. One feature I do like about it, under the pro settings, you can change the watt output on the radio, so people trying to deauth you from a distance, you can lower the output, change it to N only, and it pretty much ignores their deauths unless they are right next door or got a shotgun antenna pointed at your house. Someone last night was killing everyone in the neighborhood and I was watching him do it to ours as well with wireshar. (Filter: wlan.fc.type_subtype eq 12) <- that shows only deauth packets in wireshark. Cool thing about this router, each wifi radio, can have its own SSID, and whomever it was could only see 2.4GHZ radio and not my 5Ghz, so I changed SSID, lowered power on the 2.4, and that effectively stopped them from knocking us off trying to capture our WPA2 handshake, which is like over 30 characters long anyway, so they are never going to crack it. Worst they could do, is be a nuisance and I can turn the 2.4 off all together, and leave the 5 up and he wasn't able to touch it due to whatever card he had, was only hitting 2.4 Ghz.

After I changed all that, I opened Airodump-ng and could see him probing for like 100 ESSID's and deauthing everyone in the apartment complex. I had his MAC, but it could have been spoofed and I have no portable tools to try and triangulate where the fucker is or I would have tracked him down and knocked on his door...

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