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(ANSWERED) Pineapple WiFi not getting signal, Please help


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So i've got it all set up my new pineapple IV and the problem i'm having is that my WiFi signal going threw the pineapple is not strong at all, i've tried with, without antenna's and still nothing the max signal i get is just in my room when i go out its gone... I have a 2.4Ghz 7dPI antenna and it doesn't make a deference.

I got the WiFi pineapple holiday bundle

Please help, i've bought a lot from this website $200+ just disappointed with the signal coming threw, thanks in advance if we get the problem resolved.

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I had a bum antenna from one of my mark4s out of the box.

Some have had there wifi chips fried. Not sure how

So my wifi chip is fried?

i just spent $130 on the pineapple this sucks..

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As far as i know its fixed

Answer: It was the cable, i attached a ps3 wifi adapter that had a PCI U.FL connector since i'm a ps3 repair guy and it worked

I'm buying two PCI U.FL to RP-SMA cables then attaching a N type cable to the RP-SMA connector and making a antenna,

here's the link if you have the same problem the parts cost $7 with shipping and you get 2, 8" cables


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Just got the cables in its working really good now,

Item fixed! :D

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