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[Info] He Really should have bought a Ducky


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The Guy writes a brute-force script for his Teensy to brute-force his EFI PIN.

Unfortunately, he didn't realise his mistake in his original Teensy code (Hey, it can happen to the any of us).

He failed at Brute-Forcing the PIN!

His mistake has since been pointed out, and corrected by the community.

Bottom line is maybe "He should have bought a Ducky", the easy to use Ducky Script language and Darren's Android Brute-Force Payload, (with minor mods) probably could have unlocked the EFI within 24hrs.

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Apologies for the Troll, just highlighting situations where Ducky can be used.
What you did was highlight another useful test case, and I thank you, for your interesting blog post.
The Ducky is a powerful little tool for creating your own USB based projects.
The more people that are interested, the more boards can be produced that can drive the price of the Ducky down.
You probably can't make a quad copter fly with a ducky, but you could create a USB laptop sentry gun (with a sentry gun, and some extra electronics, wires).

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