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  1. Mekaniket e mi te vegjel :P hahahhahaha Dajan Vulaj Dorjan Vulaj Deivid Smakaj#100 - Once a week do something... http://t.co/w9FjgOFLp4

  2. O rob i mire ^__^ — heeeee :P http://t.co/8NtRE6Md2z

  3. ♫ Just downloaded "LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem (Arion " by @OfficialArion - https://t.co/ds6gKogh1F (via @Twitmusic)

  4. Can someone please tell me how to insert the payloads in the USB Rubber Ducky and does anyone have the payload for EFI PIN's (4 digits)
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