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  1. Mekaniket e mi te vegjel :P hahahhahaha Dajan Vulaj Dorjan Vulaj Deivid Smakaj#100 - Once a week do something... http://t.co/w9FjgOFLp4

  2. Hey everyone, I created payload to find MacBook Air efi 4 digit PIN, but the problem is that after 3 wrong attempts you have to wait 1 minute. After 3 other attempts 5 minutes, and then 15 minutes and so on... Is there another way to find that dam'n PIN? My script was like this: STRING 0000 ENTER DELAY 1000 STRING 0001 ENTER DELAY 1000 STRING 0002 ENTER DELAY 1000 and when I enter the 3-rd PIN wrong I have to wait
  3. I encoded the script from USB Rubber Ducky's website and download the inject.bin. Now if I copy paste that "inject.bin" into Ducky's memory card and insert it into the USB Rubber Ducky device I'm all good, right?
  4. O rob i mire ^__^ — heeeee :P http://t.co/8NtRE6Md2z

  5. ♫ Just downloaded "LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem (Arion " by @OfficialArion - https://t.co/ds6gKogh1F (via @Twitmusic)

  6. Does anyone have the payload (or script) to brute force Mac's efi 4-digit pin? I would really appreciate it...
  7. Can someone please post the payload for MAC's efi PIN (4 digits)
  8. Can someone please tell me how to insert the payloads in the USB Rubber Ducky and does anyone have the payload for EFI PIN's (4 digits)
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