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Vmwared Backtrack compatible usb wifi card.


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I found an issue with one of the Atheros Alfas under Virtualbox with Windows 7, The card was passed through but didn't fully arrive so if you checked dmesg then it spotted the card and started processing it but then failed to fully gain access to it.

I did a lot of searching and it turns out to be a VBox issue that is years old and that they basically refuse to fix. I installed VMWare 8 and that had the same problem for about 3-4 reboots then it suddenly worked and hasn't stopped since.

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I've had the same issue with the AWUS036NHA here. Virtualbox hates the NHA for some reason. Of course the cross-platform (and most importantly FREE) virtualization software won't play nice with my favorite radio...Oracle just can't get it right lately! I should mention that my AWUS036H works like a charm though with virtualbox.

Is there a reason you can't use virtualbox venelino? Its 100% free and the rtl8187 works great on it.


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The easiest option is just to boot a live disk and do all your work from there, BT5 has all the tools for WEP cracking installed.

Yes this is the way. Which card would you suggest me to buy from the cheap ebay's? 2000mw rtl8187 or try the newer chips with N? I am buying for friend also, mine is also kinda broken, the antena doesn't stay very well.. but it works, anyway - I am about to buy some fresh, which would you suggest me to? Thank you!

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