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Tcp windowing am I even close to right


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First post of 2013 you can kick me now. This question does not belong here.

Okay this how I think it works Shoot me if I am wrong.

Tcp windowing is for flow control. If a buffer fills up it tells the sending to slow down. It also determines how many packets can be sent without an ack. The idea is to provide reliable data transport. Does it set a timer to tell the other side to stop sending for a certain amount of time with the receive buffer is full. Is this close to being correct I should know this.

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From what I recall in my cisco class, you can set the window size, for metric testing, and see where it fails, but in general, TCP, is a "if this packet fails, resend" protocol, unlike UDP, which is connectionless, where, it just says "hello world, I am talking, can you hear everything I am saying" and if any of that is not heard, oh well, you're shit out of luck because UDP, will not repeat itself. Its often why UDP, is used for video streaming and game play online, voip, etc, because, you don't want to be talking to someone, have packets come in out of order, adn then say, oh, you missed packets 3 and 9, resend, and then try to play that in real time, the info being streamed would be like trying to listen to yoda talk. The message would be out of order. TCP, keeps track of all packets, and when one if bad or missing, it resends them and then reassembles the data on your end using sequencing to keep track. The window, just tells the stack how large and how much data it can send at one time, and when the threshold fails, it reduces that window size, and breaks up the data into more fragments. In other words, lets see if we can fit 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag and when it can't we'll get some more bads and then send the rest later, and you can dump it all in when you get it on your side and figure out where it all goes.



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