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Question about Teensy USB

Skorpinok Rover

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Actually i don't have any knowledge regarding this,i have watched Dave kennedy's SET tutorial based on teensy USB Keyboard, what type of payload is used in that ? how to make one like that if i have a 8GB USB ? please share with me if you have any idea.

Thanks in advance



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Have you checked out irongeek's stuff on the teensy? Check that out for some clues - as ReL1k and irongeek are friends, I'm guessing he's using some of irongeeks teensy HID stuff.


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Basically its Irongeek's PHUKED library.

What do you mean make one with an 8GB USB?

You either have a Teensy, Arduino or a Ducky.

Think best idea is invest in a USB Rubber Ducky, double the price :( but quadruple the fun :) (the more you buy, the cheaper we can make them)

  • HID Attacks
  • Mass Storage - based on size of sdcard (easily upgradable)
  • Composite Device
  • Bypass Device Control S/W
  • Flexible Firmware (reprogrammable)
  • Totally Programable
  • Multi-Lingual (Keyboard layout is different with languages/countries)
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I think skorpinok is under the impression a Teensy is a normal usb drive, but @skorpinok a teensy is a tiny, programmable USB device, like an Arduino. You can't really do that with a regualr USB stick, although you can, put programs to run off them like the old autorun switchblade attacks, but most every newer operating system doesn't allow auto-run features of USB devices any more due to attacks and abuse, to the ducky, phucked and other teensy type boards, pico, arduino, etc, are used to mimimc a HID, or Human Interface Device, such as a keyboard or mouse, and can then be used to trigger commands, send executable payloads, etc, while the PC thinks its a safe device.

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