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I got a WiFi Pineapple mark IV for Christmas and tonight it broke. I (normally not hard) pushed the WPS button because it was blinking so I though the pineapple must want me to push it. Once I pushed the button it went down and didn't come back up, then the ANT connector became loose. I unplugged the Pineapple to see if the WPS button would stop blinking but it didn't and the USB light didn't light up even though I a SanDisk fit in there and the LAN light didn't light up like it normally does.

Thank you


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They are not hard to take apart to check for damage. Two screws on the bottom under the rubber feet.

It takes a bit for it to boot up which is why it was blinking.

I'm not sure what firmware they have on them from the Hakshop to indicate how it should function.

Your best bet would be contact shop@hak5.org

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Ok I'll try opening it up thanks.

I have a question for you about the pineapple and the SanDisk fit I formated the usb and plugged it in and I went to the usb tab to make sure it detected the drive and it did. When I tried to install modules to it there wasn't a external storage option. What should I do.

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I have had the wps get stuck a ton of times. Trick is to push on the case around the button. Also I have done this with all my pineapples, open it up and tighten the antenna nuts. Make sure the cord is not twisted too

Thanks that worked perfectly

You probably need to update firmware to get the usb auto mount

I"ll try that when I get home

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Haha - the same thing happened to me when I first got my pineapple. First day, working with the button press script and...bam. The button just sank in and didn't pop back. The alfa's certainly aren't the highest of quality, but you're paying ~$100 for a full-blown pen testing router. I think the trade of affordability vs build quality is worth it in this case.


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